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Business Services
Contact Information
Phone: 441-295-3000
Address: At the Fairmont Hamilton

Business Center
Located in the retail corridor of our Bermuda conference center hotel, the business center can be accessed via your guest room key.

The business center has PC Express Internet Computer Stations which have the following capabilities:
Internet access
Black & white and color printing
CD burning
DVD playing
Standard office applications

Telephones and High Speed Internet Information

Calling Cards:
Toll free 800 access numbers for calling cards
AT&T/Nynex/Bell Atlantic (800) 872-2881
MCI (800) 623-0484
SPRINT (800) 623-0877
Canada (800) 744-2580

Other 800 numbers are accessible by substituting
880 for 800;
881 for 888;
882 for 877;
883 for 866
All are charged at International Long Distance Rates.

Most calling cards toll free access numbers are not toll free in Bermuda and normal...

Our Marketing, Sales, Production and Support People are available to meet your needs and answer any questions that may arise. Feel Free to contact us by mail, email or telephone.

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