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Landhuis Groot Santa Martha
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One of the oldest and largest villas on Curacao was built in at the end of the 17th century. There used to be a plantation here of 554 hectares. Until the beginning of the 19th century it was a sugar plantation, later altered to produce pulses, cattle and salt. In the late 19th century this plantation alone supplied 90% of the Curacao salt. It was extracted from the Santa Martha Bay. The land house was renovated in 1979 and now stands to care for the physically and mentally challenged, whose craft are for sale on the premises.

An exposition about slavery "Slavery's Heritage" is held in the Landhuis Groot Sta. Martha. The exhibition shows that The Netherlands, Surinam and The Dutch Antilles will always have close ties because of the history of slavery. There are several topics to be found in the exhibit; slave trade, the black suffering, plantation life and punishment and resistance. The heritage of slavery can be found in historical documents and drawings/paintings, in modern art and in unique interviews...

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